Marianna Victoria Mashek
Travels to Paris this spring and singing in churches with the SBCC concert choir last year in Bavaria, Austria and Prague have inspired Marianna’s  summer exhibit.  Her artwork is a personal journey of both the inner world and outward expressions and nuances of love, romance and culture. Having majored in fine art studies at UCSB, drawing and painting are her favorite mediums. 

Marianna’s vision is to have her artwork inspire others to delight in beauty, love, and their own dreams. “I draw and paint from a deep and sacred, luminous place of my expression and my psyche.” 

Reception:  July 12th,  5:30 - 7:30pm
Exhibition Dates:  July 8th - September 6th
Gallery Hours:  10am - 9pm, Daily
Susan Tibbles  Curator/ Director
Celebrating art + people. Featuring new artists on the 2nd Friday of each month.
Santa Barbara Tennis Club 2375 Foothill Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105 • 805.862.4722