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The Club Gallery hosts an art exhibit featuring new artists every 2nd Friday of each month. Artist reception is 5:30 am - 7:30 pm.
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On the Question of Wonder
Exhibition Dates: October 12th - November 3rd, 2012
Artist: Patricia Houghton Clarke
Previous Exhibitions:

ON THE QUESTION OF WONDER…A Photographic Exhibition by Patricia Houghton Clarke.

Inherent in our nature we often have a unique response to the world around us, a quiet place of wonder.  Local photographer Patricia Houghton Clarke will be presenting a series of imagery across time and continents that expresses the nature of wonder from her perspective; how it feels to experience it and what it looks like when observing others in that state of awareness.

“The subtler, and more satisfying characteristic of “documenting” with a camera is first listening carefully for the voice that emanates from a subject, and then understanding how this dialogue becomes a visual image. Taking a photograph is the tacit acknowledgment of a subject’s existence and intrinsic value.” Patricia Houghton Clarke.

In addition to her award-winning photography, Clarke has been involved in music, theater, writing and painting. She has lived in Santa Barbara for some forty years.

Local exhibitions include: Figure Fragments, OBSERVATIONS: time + place, Erasing Lines, Correspondences, The Essential Worker,  Sentimento: Immagini d’Italia,  and  Girlz of the Rainbow Room. Patricia has recently returned from the Photo Annual Awards in Prague where she received the Halla Lighting Prize for her series on local Drag culture,” Erasing Lines”. She has also exhibited her work in Italy, London, Czech Republic, Portland, Colorado and San Francisco.
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